We are specialized in a unique enriched individualized curriculum for children to flourish in life.

Community Service

Our greatest achievements come not only from how well our students do in class but from how well they do in life.

One of the greatest accomplishments in life is to leave a legacy that has a long-term beneficial effect on others, both in the local and far-reaching community. Our philosophy of stewardship is integral to everything we do, from our program services to our community service.

The community

A tradition of the community, an integral part of our school’s culture and the needs of children and families are key elements of our charitable endeavors. We run a range of community support initiatives throughout the year.

The environment

Our school is making rigorous progress in implanting environmental stewardship into our classroom curriculum and annual school-wide activities. Events like Earth Day strive to integrate these vital ideals.

Our workplace

Of course, our school itself is also a community, and we are dedicated to cultivating a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace. Our teachers all participate in a full range of training and development opportunities to encourage success and growth for Montessori. They learn how to handle any behavioral issues and are always increasing their understanding of young people. We value our devotion to quality, ethics, and social responsibility and believe that our investment in creating a high-quality workplace is the reason for our superior staff.

We are always looking forward

We will continue to honor our rich custom of giving back, and we also look forward to many more exciting projects in the future. We want to inspire our children to recognize and celebrate the diversity and cultural beliefs of the families we serve and create a better world. We also believe that it is essential to constantly evolve and change, to pay tribute to Dr. Montessori’s legacy and to provide the very best learning environment for our children.